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Yep, all Dr. Rosenthal’s books have carbon neutral certification.

Because of cybersecurity issues we do NOT offer the CDs in a download format. Since they are copyrighted they are not intended to be downloaded to your cell phone or other device.

If your vehicle does not have a CD player you can buy a “portable CD player” dirt cheap on Ebay, Amazon, Best Buy etc. For example, on the day I am creating this page there are over 8500 listings on Ebay when I punched in “portable CD players.” Many are for new units priced at under $15.00 shipped. You can also buy great very low cost boom boxes to place on the front seat. Again, check the aforementioned retailers as well as thrift shops such as Goodwill.

A small bit of good news is some of the vehicles that took the CD players out in previous models have reinstalled them in newer models. In addition, the CDs will play just fine in any laptop or personal computer with a CD or DVD drive. Home theater audio CD players and DVD decks play them perfectly and they will sound amazing.

You must, yes must, use the new 2017 4th Edition of the Encyclopedia of Counseling, The Authentic Purple Book. No exceptions!!! Yes, a lot of the material is the same as the previous edition, but a ton of new information has been added. The new book is nearly 100 pages longer and contains numerous topics that didn’t even exist when the Special 25th Anniversary Edition of the Encyclopedia of Counseling was released. Every section of the new edition contains new information, updates, and deletions. Okay, so just to be certain that you are 100% clear, it doesn’t make any difference what other materials you are using, you must use the new version of the Encyclopedia.

If you are ordering the audio CDs or the Valedictorian Mastery Tool Kit you will get a return email with this information within 48 hours of your order. If you are ordering the Encyclopedia of Counseling or the Human Services Dictionary email me your Routledge Taylor & Francis order number or screenshot for verification. Dr. Rosenthal will email you back with the free bonus information as quickly as possible.

“The questions are worded in a difficult manner.”  And,  (even when the counselor scored mind-blowing high . . . like 140 or over on the NCE) . . . they often remark, “I don’t think I did that well,” after the exam.

You could use Dr. Rosenthal’s materials as a supplemental study guide, but never as a complete source since his materials are geared to the NCE and the CPCE. Dr. Rosenthal recommends you contact Dr. Linton Hutchinson at  You can also contact Dr. Alyson M. Carr at and feel free to drop my name. Keep in mind I have no financial arrangements with these experts.  I have just heard great things about their materials.

First, we do not ship to box numbers, so please provide a street address.  Also, we do not offer express shipping. It is expensive and often no quicker. We process most orders the same day unless we receive your order on a weekend. Allow at least ten days for shipping, although most orders are received quicker. Again, please wait at least ten days before you contact us. Also, 99% of the time when counselors contact us to complain they have already received the material and didn’t know it!!!  Check with your supervisor, principal, kids, spouse, secretary, apartment complex manager, etc. before contacting us. Also contact us, do not file a Paypal dispute. Dr. Rosenthal’s e-mail address is:

He is usually able to pay delivery charges and sales tax for you on his best Valedictorian Mastery Toolkit and on his Vital Information Audio CDs.

Waiting until the last minute to order the materials and relying on long study sessions. Short study sessions work best.

He has the best guarantee in the history of  counseling exam prep. if — and only if — you buy his finest Valedictorian Mastery Tool Kit from this site. When you take the NCE or the CPCE and order at least eight weeks prior to the exam he will pay you $10 more than you paid for the materials if you do not pass. There are no hoops to jump through. Just return the materials in good condition with proof of score. How can he make such a remarkable guarantee? Simple: He knows his products deliver!

There is no perfect answer here. Dr. Rosenthal has corresponded with literally thousands of counselors and some do just what you have proposed, while others, go through his entire book and then listen to the CDs. Still others, listen to all the CDs and then read the book. It is a totally personal thing. Do what seems to work best for you and your schedule. The CDs are ideal for use in your car, SUV, truck, or van.

Yes, this is likely the most important exam you will ever take and thus Dr. Rosenthal recommends you arm yourself to the teeth with knowledge. His advice is always to use the Valedictorian Mastery Tool Kit. At the very least, use the Encyclopedia and the audio CDs.

It is! And both the CDs and the Purple Book  have a last minute super review and the CDs have a whole disc devoted to test anxiety prevention, replete with a complete guided imagery.

Yes. The first edition sported six cassettes and had less than six hours of information. The current edition is well over 20 hours.

Yes, in fact, many counselors insist Dr. Rosenthal’s materials actually cover more than their entire master’s program. Even more amazing, many said they grieved when the program ended because Dr. Rosenthal was so entertaining on the audio CDs and he came across like a trusted friend. Just read the testimonials and you’ll see what we mean.

Absolutely not! Dr. Rosenthal always recommends both the book and the CDs since he covers the information in totally different ways.  Moreover, the material is not identical in both sources. In fact, the Encyclopedia contains some material not contained in the CD’s and the CD’s contain some material not contained in the Encyclopedia. Thus, ideally you should secure both.

Absolutely! Just CLICK HERE

If the book says “Encyclopedia of Counseling, The Authentic Purple Book, 4th Edition” on the cover and the CDs say “Special 15th Anniversary Edition” on the cover then you have the newest versions. No need to check for publication dates.

Well, the new Encyclopedia does cover these topics.  However, this is never a problem. Since this is Dr. Rosenthal’s personal site, he gives you FREE Inner Circle Updates with any order. No other site in the world has this feature.  After we receive your order we will send you an email with the password to access these ongoing updates.

Dr. Rosenthal always recommends our finest program, the Valedictorian Mastery Tool Kit and that is precisely what nearly 100% of  counselors purchase. It includes the 2017 Encyclopedia of Counseling, The Authentic Purple Book, 4th Edition, the Special 15th Anniversary Edition of the Vital Information and Review Questions 20 Audio CDs, and the Human Services Dictionary with definitions worded to help you tackle tough exam questions. It costs $182.00 delivered to your doorstep.

Take action! Order the materials and take your career to the next level.


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