No Audio CDs. No Problem!

Maybe you have heard that the fabled Rosenthal CD Preparation Program has been discontinued. But . . . beyond that all the news is positive.

Announcing two new Dr. Rosenthal audio preparation programs. Each one is much more comprehensive, and even more economical (yes way less expensive) than my legendary audio CDs . . . and that’s saying a lot!

No CD player needed!

Very convenient. Use your cellphone, laptop, desktop computer, tablet, or other electronic device. Study when and where you want.

  1. The Encyclopedia of Counseling, The Authentic Purple Book audio, Audible Version. Very nice, the Encyclopedia Purple Book can now be purchased as an audio book. This is an unabridged version containing all the information –yep, everything — in the paperback copy. Nearly 30 hours of information. This audio book is presented by a professional voice narrator and was recorded in top studios resulting in crystal clear sound. Amazon rated it as a #1 Best Seller release in the category. Click here to purchase right now!

  • NEW!!! The Master Lecture Series eBook. When purchased as a Vital Source eBook this text has the read aloud feature so you can read it as a traditional text or have the AI read it to you while it highlights the paragraph for easy navigation. How can Dr. Rosenthal guarantee this Ebook contains everything the well-known CDs covered and more? Simple! We began with a transcript from all 20 CDs and then began to add new, updated, key information as well as a wealth of new tutorial questions and answers. Also packed with a comprehensive test anxiety prevention program, FAQs from users, and a totally new chapter for micro/mini study sessions. Several readers who had advanced copies insisted, “This is Dr. Rosenthal’s best work yet!” Click here to order:

Both the Encyclopedia aka The Purple Book and the Master Lecture Series are designed to be used by themselves as a standalone preparation guide, or ideally combine them (and add the Human Services Dictionary) for the ultimate study combination.

What’s that you say? You are a traditionalist; you don’t fancy auditory learning and still prefer a good old-fashioned paperback copy. Well, we’ve got you covered. We still have both books in soft cover editions, and they aren’t going anywhere.