Human Services Dictionary should be on everyone’s list of essential reference materials

  The Human Services Dictionary is a powerful addition to the field of practice. It should be on everyone’s list of essential reference materials.

Award winning student calls Rosenthal’s Human Services Dictionary “a piece of gold.”

  Most important for you to know is that . . . the Human Services Dictionary is a piece of gold. For me, the dictionary redefines topics, terms, and other things. It enables me to present things from my own perspective. You are just so wonderful Howard.

Relationship author John Moore treats himself to Rosenthal’s Favorite Homework therapy book after his exam prep

  John Moore in Chicago again. After reading the Encyclopedia for my exam, I treated myself to the homework book you authored [Favorite Counseling and Therapy Homework Techniques].  What a wonderful book!  I will begin to use this with my clients soon.

Even Dr. Albert Ellis, yes The Dr. Albert Ellis, was a Rosenthal fan!

  Your book Not With My Life I Don’t, Preventing Your Suicide and That of Others  is an excellent, hard-hitting presentation on suicide and how to prevent it. This is a valuable to both counselors and members of the public. Dr. Albert Ellis, founder of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy. (Note: Prior to his untimely death, Dr….

Counseling association gives thumbs up to the Purple Book

  A worthwhile investment for those of us who need to take licensure exams. It [Encyclopedia of Counseling] provides a one-volume stronghold . . . well researched and entertainingly presented.

Gloria views Dr. Howard Rosenthal as angelic! Exam prep had her laughing!

  Dr. Rosenthal; you are an angel! Thank you so much for your help. You became part of my life for five months. After a while you were my friend, a mentor, or like my father chastising me to rest if I was tired, sending me to drink (nonalcoholic, of course) after the Boot Camp….

Rosenthal wins in grad student’s unofficial CPCE prep survey!

  Hello Dr. Rosenthal, I hope you won’t think we are obsessive, but my girlfriends and I did kind of an informal study on CPCE preparation programs. Blame it on our research courses if you must. Anyway, all eight of us pitched in and purchased all of the major books, videos, flash cards, and programs…

Frank has some great advice: Don’t confuse the Rosenthal audio CDs with old boring prep materials!

  Dear Dr. Rosenthal: I want to offer my heartfelt thanks for the work you have done with your NCE study materials.  I was skeptical at first of using study aids, (remembering old boring prep books for the GRE).  But I was amazed at the wealth of information in your Encyclopedia of Counseling. Also the…

The Rosenthal materials emphasize simplicity and are thorough . . . Mary Jane passes with 30 points to spare!

  I am just writing to say thank you for helping me to pass my NCE exam to become a Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas.   I had previously failed my first attempt to pass the Texas LPC exam in 2003 and since then have been afraid to take the new NCE exam for fear of…

Tillie wanted to be my next testimonial and now she is!

  Dear Dr. Rosenthal: I want to personally thank you for helping me pass the NCE. Your audio and encyclopedia for counselors is the greatest material I have ever used to prep for any exam. I was administered the test 22 July. I listened to your audio from April thru July and it really does…

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